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Streck, USA

Streck is one of the best reputed in the world as an innovator of haematology control products. It is possible that the controls you have been using are manufactured by Streck and sold in a different name, since Streck holds 70% of the world market for haematology controls through direct sales, private label and patent licences !  So from that angle, Streck has the reputation as “the control company”.

Streck has been a leading developer and manufacturer of the control products for clinical laboratory for over 30 years. Streck developed some of the first haematology reference controls and have more than 40 patents to their credit for clinical laboratory control products. Streck continues to invest a significant portion of its resources in R&D, to meet the emerging needs of clinical laboratories in the area of quality control. Streck quality management system has compliance with FDA quality system regulation. Streck manufactures 30 products ,that have been developed to be compliant with 98/79 EC, which is the European Union’s In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices Directive.

The basic philosophy and underlying features of Streck product line :

You don’t  have to buy only the available control, because only that is available !

The range to suit “the lab need” to choose from.

Controls, an integral part of good lab practice, need not be the privilege of a select few labs, 
because  of high cost.

Controls, available at an affordable cost.

The product line is not confined to one area of quality control, but the full spectrum

 Streck offer not only trilevel controls  but also  calibrators, linearity and calibration 
    verification assessment  possibilities

  • ESR Auto Plus

  • ESR-100 Automated sedimentation rate analyser  
  • Calibrators & Controls  

  • Product Selection Guide     

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