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Anthos Labtec Instruments, Austria

Anthos was established in 1987 in Salzburg, Austria. Since then the company has become an international leader in the field of microplate instrumentation. Many features now considered as "standard" in modern microplate readers, first appeared in Anthos instruments.

Innovation: Anthos is the pioneer in new measurement technologies for microplates. The luminometers which were developed by Anthos are still unrivalled in sensitivity. Many applications could only be developed on the basis of Anthos instrument features.

Reliable: The machines, though quite advanced and sophisticated are very reliable as proven by several installations with very few break downs. International diagnostic companies are cooperating with Anthos for many years and rely on Anthos' quality.
Anthos range of products includes
  • 2010 Automated Microplate Reader 
  • 2020 Automated Microplate Reader
  • Zenyth 340 Microplate Absorbance Reader
  • Zenyth 200 Microplate Spectrophotometer
  • Lucy 2 Microplate Luminometer
  • Lucy 3 Microplate Luminometer

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