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Anthos range of products

2010 Automated Microplate Reader

  • Covers the wavelength range 400 - 750 nm of clinical interest with excellent accuracy and precision amongst comparable systems
  • Indication range between 0.000 and 3.300 OD means it is not necessary to rerun or repeat tests with high titre values saving time and money.
  • Filter-wheel with eight positions of which four filters are fitted as standard, offers facility for planned upgradation, as needed.
  • Single channel system with well center triggered measurement ensures that the results are equally good with U or flat or other type of wells with excellent accuracy and precision.
  • Post sample filtering facility ensures that influence of ambient light is almost eliminated, proving accurate results.
  • Kinetic measurement with 100 reading cycles with 45 second intervals offers facility to handle slow reactions as well as quick reactions - an important aspect for certain typical applications (with ADAP Plus).
  • Has capability to read U or flat or V types of wells, ensuring that results are accurate and precise even while switching over from flat to U or V type wells - a great flexibility
  • ADAP Basic standard software offers user administration, kinetic data reduction, flexible data management and data storage.
  • The robust optical system with resolution of 0.001 OD, flexible data processing and reliable measurements make the system ideal for diagnostics, research and Q.C.users.
  • Reader, PC controlled with standard software ADAP Basic or ADAP Plus (with flexible upgrade of software possibilities) - offering choice of the configuration for the user to suit their requirement.

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