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Anthos range of products


          FLUIDO, Fully automated, programmable 96 well microplate washer with 8 and 12 or 16 way manifold.

  • The washer Fluido is an open system with ease of operation through menu structure of on-board software with LCD display.
  • System offers three wash liquid channels giving the flexibility to use, on board, three different wash fluids, without wastage of liquid or elaborate change-over steps.
  • Freely programmable protocols for wash cycle to suit specific application, including features like bottom and overflow washing, adjustable dispense volume and speed, adjustable aspiration power and time, adjustable soak time for perfect, almost dry wash!.
  • Residual volume of less than 1 l per well dispensing with precision of <2% at 300 l, and volumes adjustable from 50 to 2000 l, are all very critical factors, especially while handling border line cases, for highly reproducible results.
  • Crosswise aspirate function ensures perfect washing in the edges of the well, and adjustable and dispense volume and speed, providing for thorough washing for high molecular as well as low molecular analytes equally well.
  • Three shaking modes facilitate, thorough washing, ideal for certain special protocols.
  • The software includes bottom detection. This helps in optimising plate specific parameters resulting in markedly improved washing performance with minimal residual volume.
  • Automatic periodic rinse function eliminates clogging when the washer is not in use.
  • Aerosol protection which covers the manifold and rear plate positions, improves safety of the user while handling especially infectious disease tests including MTB, HIV, HbsAg, HCV and so on.
  • Electronic liquid level detection to check volume in wash and waste, offers convenience, ensures adequate fill of liquid, and avoids overflow conditions.
          Fluido the open system, belongs to the latest generation washing device with extensive programming
          possibilities to suit specific tests, excellent precision for dispensing, least residual volume and above
          all great convenience in operation and maintenance.

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