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Anthos range of products

Zenyth 340
Zenyth 340 Microplate Absorbance Reader

  • Universal microplate reader for all kinds of colorimetric assays, suited for basic research as well as routine applications.
  • Functions in the wavelength range 340 to 750 nm with quick measurement of 10 sec for 96 wells and 18 sec for 384 wells, with an excellent resolution of 0.001 OD!
  • Has the ability to handle multiple plate formats from 6 to 384 well plates, offering great flexibility.
  • System offers different measurement modes; single and dual wavelength for standard Elisa, Kinetic mode for Kinetic and enzymatic activity, linear scan for agglutination and coagulation studies.
  • Comprehensive qualitative and quantitative data evaluation functions with curve - fits, cut-offs and trans formation formulas enhance utility.
  • Different configurations available - standalone with on board software, PC controlled version, and both versions optional with temperature control, of being choice of model to suit requirements.

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