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Anthos range of products

Zenyth 200
Zenyth 200 Microplate Spectrophotometer

  • High performance microplate and cuvette spectrophotometer providing solutions for life science, research and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Wavelength range of 190 to 1000 nm, covered by high precision monochromator optical resolution of 0.001 O.D offering precise results over the entire range.
  • Can handle different plate formats - covering cell culture plates (6-48) and 96/384 well plates. Standard Cuvettes with 10 mm path length and 5-10 mm pathwidth offering versatile application possibilities can be used too.
  • Has possibilities to measure endpoint, kinetic, multichromatic, spectral and position scanning, thereby rendering the system suitable for routine and research applications, without add-ons, accessories.
  • The pre-programmed assays for cuvette mode cover, nucleic acid concentration, oligo concentration, melting point and conversion to pmol/Ál protein quantitation at 280 nm, determination of purity of DNA preparations, monitoring bacterial growth with preset, or using defined conversion factors.
  • Systems available as stand alone, with on board software, ADAP Basic software and temperature control, or PC controlled version, with ADAP Basic software and temperature control offering a choice of models.

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