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Anthos range of products

Lucy 2
Lucy 2 Microplate Luminometer

  • It is a dual mode reader for absorbance and luminescence offering the best in both modes.
  • System offers THE HIGHEST SENSITIVITY ( at 545 nm 0.2 fW, 50 mol ATP) and a wide dynamic RANGE (0.001 to 99.999 RLU)
  • Incorporates ability to read in flash kinetic luminescence, glow kinetic luminiescence, and fast flash kinetic mode (intervals in microsecond range) a truly versatile machine.
  • Has capacity to hold 15 filters on board, offers highest level of flexibility especially when switching over from luminescence Elisa (LIA) to absorbance Elisa modes.
  • Application possibilities are widened when system is equipped with (option) two fast reagent injectors, to handle all flash and glow-type luminescence assays.
  • System finds applications in several areas including luminometric reporter gene assays, colorimetric reporter assays, LIA / ELISA nucleic acid quantitation, Aequorin Ca++ assays, two hybrid / protein-protein interaction, ATP determination, reactive oxygen species and so on.
  • System is available without or with upto two dispensers for users to choose from !

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