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Chrono-log corporation, USA

Chrono-log offers the widest range of Aggregometers in the market allowing you to choose the most appropriate model, to suit the specific application requirements, be it for clinical diagnostic or routine or research applications. "Model for any application and every application in aggregometry".
Chrono-log's range of products includes
  • Optical Aggregometers
  • Whole blood Aggregometers
  • Whole blood platelet lumi Aggregometers
  • Bed side Aggregometer
  • Luminometer, continuous flow type
  • SPA 2000, system for platelet shape change
        and hypotonic Shock Response Assay
  • CHRONO-PAR range of products

  • Chrono-log offers the widest range of Aggregometers based on optical, impedance or luminescence methods or a combination of these. Each method, and or the combination is suited for certain applications.

    To know more about capabilities in each case:
  • Whole Blood
  • Lumi Whole Blood
  • iCa Lumi Whole Blood

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