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  • Lumi aggregation systems offer the possibility for simultaneous measurement of ATP secretion and aggregation and results in much less ambiguity and greater certainty than interpretation based on aggregation dose response curve alone.
  • The Luminescence technique is very sensitive and hence a wide variety of luminescence reactions like ATP release, total adenine nucleotides, superoxide generation and others can be measured.
  • ATP secretion studies provide unequivocal indication of dense granule release, simplifying diagnosis of platelet dysfunction and enhancing utility in physiological, pharmacological and pathological research.
  • Whole blood lumi Aggregometer is a very useful tool for initial evaluation of patients with a critical history of bleeding or bruising with say as little as 5ml blood for a complete profile, and within about 30 minutes. Hence, this method of aggregometry becomes very useful for screening as well research application methods.
  • It is possible for the system to measure ATP release, with the addition of chronolum reagents to the sample, and leukocyte generation of superoxides is measured with the addition of luminal to the sample. This gives a wealth of additional information in research studies. Chemiluminescence has proven to be a very valuable tool in the identification of neutrophil defects such as chronic granulomatous disease and myeloperoxidase deficiency.
  • Lumi systems provide the measurements needed for platelet aggregation studies and can also be used to measure shape change, aggregation, chemiluminescence and bioluminescence in many other cells.
  • Luminescence is faster and easier than radio labelled serotonin and performed in the same sample as aggregation, allowing study of interrelationship of aggregation and secretion and offer test results can be reported within one hour after receiving test serum.
  • It is possible in the whole blood method with the lumi Aggregometer, to measure platelet aggregation and release of ATP. This method makes it possible to quickly detect cases where further study for platelet function disorders as cyclooxygenase deficiency, storage pool defect, and von Willebrand's disease is involved.
  • Lumi system is ideally suited for rapid screening of sera suspected of heparin induced / immuno mediated thrombosis and useful in the study of variations in HIT antibody titre and avidity
  • Permits rapid diagnosis of platelet release defects, storage pool deficiency, within one hour, offering vast improvement in diagnostic accuracy with a significant reduction in turn around time.
  • Applications cover screening patients for normal platelet functions prior to surgery, monitoring of administration of DDAVP by ristocetin induced aggregation in whole blood, measure GP IIb / IIIa receptor blockage, and identification of patients at risk for thrombosis or bleeding.
  • Invaluable in working up paedietric patients due to small sample volume.

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