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  • Useful in measuring intracellular ionised calcium with comprehensive instrumentation, and software as a "total system".
  • Ideal for investigation of changes in Ca++ concentrations in platelet cytoplasm during activation.
  • Aequorin method used in Chrono-log machines is complimentary to fluorescence method. Aequorin is sensitive in detecting local changes in calcium concentration, while fluorescence reflects average calcium levels.
  • It is possible to measure simultaneously both ionised calcium flux in a suspension of aequorin - loaded cells and response to stimulus, providing direct evidence of temporal linkage between ionised calcium immobilisation and cell response.
  • Study of Platelet - leukocyte interactions by aggregation and ionised calcium mobilisation indicate possibility of on set of propagation of inflammation, haemostasis, thrombosis, and arteriosclerosis.
  • The system is a unique indicator of calcium dependent events in platelets - by measuring luminescence specific to calcium, with very high sensitivity.
  • It is possible to measure with the system simultaneously both ionised calcium flux in a suspension of aequorin loaded cells and response to the stimulus. Leukocyte generation of superoxides can be measured by adding luminal to sample.
  • Detects platelet aggregation in whole blood, diluted blood, platelet rich plasma, or washed platelets by impedance method.
  • In optical mode, the system can measure shape change and aggregation at the same time as luminescence and in same sample and system can also measure ATP release by luciferase reagent.
  • The system provides for study of on-set and propagation of inflammation, haemostatis, thrombosis, and artherosclerosis.

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