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Created in 2001 by two engineers coming from the CNRS, COLDWAY is a company specialized in the thermochemical process and thermal engineering.

Based on a true technology innovation, the process allows a fully autonomous cold and/or heat production.

Silent and reliable, without engine or compressor, requiring very few maintenance, it does not contain any substitute forbidden by the International Agreements.

By associating it with an electronic piloting system, COLDWAY developed a range of isothermal, refrigerated,controlled and autonomous containers suitable for the transport of thermo-sensible products and allowing the full management of the controlled temperature with full traceability.

Expert in the applications related to its thermo-chemical process, COLDWAY has initiated industrial partnerships with leading companies on high potential markets (pharmaceutical industry,
food industry, …) in order to integrate the technology with the other end products.

COLDWAY has been controlling the health market for over 8 years by offering solutions to :

the products complying with recent regulation requirements of the cold chain and hot link.

the customers needs, their business features and specific requirements.

COLDWAY keeps on investing in the development of its patented process worldwide and is leading several projects with the CNRS, thus perpetuating its technological advance

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