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GONOTEC GmbH, Germany

GONOTEC GmbH is a leading manufacturer of international repute for osmometers. They produce and market worldwide, analytical measuring instruments for the medical and chemical applications.

They offer the most complete line of osmometers in the industry based on the principle of
(i) Freezing point    (ii) Colloidal    (iii) Vapour pressure. (iv) Membrane Osmometer (v) Chloridmeter

GONOTEC are well known for the high quality of their instruments, as well as the extreme reliability and ease of handling in the field, for routine and research applications. Sets standards for the line of products in the field.

The success of the company is also reflected in the worldwide sale of the products. The share of the products exported to foreign countries is amounting to 60% of the total sale.

Medical sector
  • Osmomat 030, Automatic cryoscopic osmometer
  • Osmomat 050, Automatic colloid osmometer
  • Chloridmeter CM20
  • Chemical sector
  • Osmomat 010, Cryoscopic osmometer
  • Osmomat 070, Vapour pressure osmometer
  • Osmomat 090, Membrane osmometer

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