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Power supplies and Tanks

TITAN Power Supply

The popular TITAN Plus power supply (0 - 500v DC and upto 125mA) for use with standard electrophoresis chambers. Suitable for use with cellulose acetate, agarose, agar acrylamide or starch gels.

TITAN Gel Chamber

TITAN GEL chamber is the ideal companion, with heat shield to protect gels from heat build up, suitable for TITAN citrate agar, and IEP gels, and with chamber cooling device and sponge, can handle CK isoenzymes, HDL cholesterol, and high resolution protein electrophoresis.

EPS 600

EPS 600, the latest generation microprocessor controlled, programmable power supply covers most electrophoresis applications in research and diagnostic labs, and ideal for use in horizontal and vertical electrophoresis, as well as blotting applications.

The companion chamber is designed to accommodate SAS - MX range gels, for many different analytes, and with heat shield and IEF chamber, for isoelectric focusing, it is versatile.

  • EPS supply with tank is the configuration of choice for routine, diagnostic
        and research facilities.

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