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Special systems & supplies

Column Chromatography
The range covers Quick column equipment and kits.
Quick Column Equipment Kit
Quick Column
Equipment Kit
  • Affinity column kit, DCCT standardized, to provide, fast, simple and accurate
        assessment of G-Hb . If needed an A1C value can be calculated.
  • Beta thal Hb A2 Quick column kit is for Hb A2 quantitation in about 40 minutes.
  • Sickle thal, Quick column kit is to quantitate HbA2 in samples from individuals
        with sickle cell trait. The method allows elution of HbA2 while HbA, HbS and HbF
        and many other abnormal haemoglobins are retained. HbA2 may also be quantitated
        in samples containing abnormal haemoglobins.

  • Haemotofluorometer
    ProtoFluor Z is a front face fluorometer dedicated to measurement of Zinc proto-porphyrin (ZPP) in whole blood. Ideal system for iron deficiency screening from whole blood.

    Fetal-Tek 200
    Excellent one dimensional TLC based technique for separating lecithin and sphingomyelin from the other phospholipids.

    L/S ratio for estimating fetal lung maturity can be obtained using densitometer.

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