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Automated clinical chemistry analyser

  • Automated, bench top random access clinical chemistry analyser with a through put of 200 tests per hour, with primary tube sampling, on board cooling, and bar code identification of samples and reagents, on-board QC with Levey-Jennings plot and Westgard rules.
  • Grating based universal mobile optics system for real spectrophotometer (255 wavelengths, maintenance free) offering monochromatic, bichromatic and polychromatic modes of measurement for precise results.
  • The system has ability to scan the spectrum of reagent in the wavelength range 340-700 nm, a very useful feature for routine and research applications.
  • Dual probe system, for sample and reagent, probes coated with teflon, internally and externally, for minimum carry over.
  • Continuous access for loading of samples, dynamic work-list (automatic management of left out and delayed tests) with stat sampling ability during operation, and auto dilution and rerun capability.
  • Automatic pre dilution, post dilution and post concentration and serial dilutions offering great convenience and higher level of automation, offering great versatility to adapt present and emerging tests with ease.
  • Live graphic display of reaction curve (kinetic and end point) with ability to store and / or edit calibration curves, helps in adaptation of tests very easily.
  • Real time test results monitoring, inventory management, with residual tests display, log of activities and unlimited patient archiving capability.
  • Lowest reportable cost per test, due to low dead volume, and low volume reagent consumption, lowest cost disposable (micro well), minimal cost on maintenance and lack of necessity for dedicated water-line and plumbing.
  • System can be upgraded to meet growing need of the lab to include (i) automated ISE (for analysis of Na, K and Cl) (ii) automated ELISA, and (iii) automated coagulation, thereby protecting initial investment, and providing for planned expansion.
  • Windows 2000 based software for ease of use, and low maintenance cost and absolute reliability of the system, thanks to unique design, involving seven common and interchangeable PCBs.
  • The system is capable of handling (i) all routine tests (ii) complete range of specific proteins by immunoturbidimetry (iii) Therapeutic drug monitoring & drugs of abuse tests (iv) special tests as well.

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