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Automated microwell ELISA analyser

  • Fully automated, open, integrated immunoassay system that performs all analytical steps of EIA procedures, with primary tube sampling, bar code scanning and on-board refrigeration for long term calibration stability.
  • Automates all steps of EIA from predilution of samples and reagents, reagents dispensing, single well washing, incubation, reading, quantitative and qualitative interpretation of results and printout, in one seamless operation.
  • Well by well management software prevents wastage of wells and prevents drift even for shorter incubation times, and capable of handling all types of wells - U, V or flat bottomed, with strip definition, and software protocol.
  • Two independent probes for sample and reagent and probes coated with teflon, inside and outside to prevent carry-over, a very important aspect in ELISA tests.
  • Unique, patented, mobile optics unit with grating spectrophotometry (maintenance free, with 255 wavelengths and no filters to change !) for precise results.
  • Compatible methods can be run simultaneously for convenience and optimum throughput with ability to manage several batches on the microplate and without interruption.
  • Patented heating system with heating elements on ceramic for even distribution of temperature and without edge effect, an important factor in incubation steps in ELISA tests, for precise results.
  • Features unique anti-evaporation cover, placed automatically on top of the microplate, to limit evaporation losses, during incubation, to ensure repeatable results.
  • The run duration in batch mode, is close to total incubation time and choice of four possible wash buffers on-board, to handle different ELISA tests in a single run, without need to change over.
  • Can manage dynamic work-list, status monitoring of tests in progress, automatic management of assay reagents, diluent and self checks for reliable results.
  • Fast wash of individual reaction wells (no wastage or unused wells) and probe mixing, with availability of four buffers for washing offer great convenience.
  • Windows 2000 based software for ease of use. Low maintenance cost and absolute reliability, thanks to unique design involving primarily seven common PCBs and stepper motors.

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