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Automated coagulation analyser

  • Totally automated, random and single test coagulation analyser with a throughput of 70 PTs per hour
  • The unique instrumentation, has the ability to handle all types of coagulation tests covering routine clotting, chromogenic substrate assays, immunological as well as (optionally) micro well ELISA based tests, in haemostasis.
  • The system has the capability for primary tube sampling, bar code scanning, on-board refrigeration for reagents for long-term stability, pre heater for the reagents to be brought to 37C, for precise results and on-board QC.
  • Features graphic display of all reaction curves, a very helpful function for easy adaptation of various reagents and tests as well as interpretation in certain cases.
  • Individual sample and reagent probes, each coated on the inside and outside with teflon, for minimizing carry over, to enhance precision for all tests.
  • Dedicated and specific chromogenic cycles to follow the rapid reactions, without interruptions, a useful feature, especially for coagulation tests.
  • Classic clotting test reactions, followed between 30 to 300 seconds, with upto 3600 measurements, thus, ensuring an exceptionally high precision for the critical coagulation tests.
  • 40 sample positions ( and micro tubes with adaptor) and 40 position for reagents, controls standards and diluents, and additional five positions for reagents at room temperature, offer flexibility, to handle all existing tests and easy adaptation of futuristic methods, without having to invest on add-on accessories or machines.
  • Facility to handle tests with pre dilutions or post dilutions or serial dilutions for calibration from primary standard - all enhance user convenience to run most analytes!
  • System involving lowest reagent volumes, lowest dead volumes, low cost micro wells for measurement and with no additional hidden costs, resulting in the lowest cost per reportable test for any coagulation test, in the industry.
  • Windows 2000 based software with flexible algorithm programming and effective decontamination for reagents and samples provide reliable results.
  • Windows 2000 based software for ease of use; low maintenance cost and absolute reliability, thanks to unique design involving primarily seven common interchangeable PCBs.

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