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RR Mechatronics Instruments BV, The Netherlands

Mechatronics offer products which are by design unique and path breaking and is a deft combination of mechanics, electronics, optics and seamless integration of all these with robust software.

The underlining philosophy of Mechatronics is to robotise and automate manual steps and offer great convenience while decreasing the operational cost significantly, a very unusual approach.

Mechatronics have over 22 years of sound knowledge and vast experience in the product line which can be seen in the features and benefits of the systems offered by them.

   StaRRsed range of automated ESR analysers from Mechatronics Instruments BV, Netherlands follow
   the above tradition in offering unique range of AUTOMATED ESR ANALYSERS.

  • Practical problems with manual ESR
  • Uniqueness of Mechatronics ESR
  • Merits of totally automated ESR systems
  • Various models to suit every lab
  • ICSH recommendation for ESR
  • Automated ESR StaRRsed series at a glance
  • Major features of the Mechatronics ESR
  • Frequently asked questions
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