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Practical problem with manual ESR

1.  Need to be present physically at 60 minutes to measure the ESR, interrupting work.

2.   Possible incomplete mixing of blood resulting in poor results.

3.    Inaccurate manual dilution of the sample resulting in wrong,  poor and inaccurate results.

4.     a. Poor adjustment of sample at upper level can be resulting in inaccurate results.

b. Variation in selecting the tube at the beginning of the set-up can influence the results.

5.       Handling the potentially hazardous blood samples and exposing the operators to risks.

ESR, was always considered difficult to automate, if not impossible and even if automated, does not lend itself easy for full automation. Above all, running cost with automation tends to go up, and the solid waste is inevitable and its disposal a concern, as a side effect !!

Mechatronics Instruments BV, The Netherlands has redefined the way ESR is done, and did it all the way. Mechatronics built the system from scratch to be a fully automated ESR analyser, but  without losing sight of the basic value – the classic Westergren method and staying within the realms of ICSH guidelines. Mechatronics came up with a radically different approach, deviating from the manual routine, in designing a system to fully mimic the manual steps with automation, and incorporating convenience at every stage! The final product is based on a totally innovative platform resulting in :

(i)   Automation all the way and with random           (ii) Enhanced convenience in sample
access                                                                 handling, at every step
(iii)  Fluids based ESR and still following                   (iv) Environmentally friendly – no solid
      the basics                                                           waste or disposal issue.
(v)  Quick turn around time, with 30 minutes

It is called the StaRRsed series. Experience the power of the system and its unbelievable smooth integration into your lab automation, for ESR !!


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