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ICSH recommendation for ESR

 1.   The undiluted blood samples anti coagulated with EDTA, but not diluted with citrate anti coagulant.

 2.    Blood should be taken in EDTA anti coagulant, diluted to less than 5% without further dilution in citrate.

 3.    Mixing blood with EDTA anti coagulant is necessary at the time of vein puncture and further mixing.

 4.    Mixing should be continuous before filling the ESR tube properly.

    5.  a. Sedimentation pipette length of 200mm with uniform bore of 2.5mm.

      b. All the sedimentation pipette diameter for Westergren ESR is 2.5mm 0.15mm and ICSH recommends
         not less than 2.5mm as diameter.

      c. Bore, internal, should be circular in shape.

       6.  a. Blood filling should be for not less than 200mm height, in the ESR pipette.

         b. Easy initial “zero” reading of the column should be possible.

    7.  Pipette should be held perfectly vertical.

    8.  ICSH recommends methods minimising biohazard for maximum safety of the  operator.

    9.  The blood sample, that is diluted, four volumes of blood may be taken directly into one volume of sterile
         sodium  citrate  anti coagulant diluent.

      10.  Mixing should be with at least eight complete inversions.

       11. ICSH recommends measurement may be made at 60 minutes or normalised to 60 minutes.

    Automated ESR systems from Mechatronics comply with all recommendations of ICSH.

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