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Major features of Mechatronics automated ESR devices

 1.    The automated erythrocyte sedimentation rate analyser operates according to the classic Westergren method and conforming to the recommendations of the International Council for Standardisation in Haematology.

 2.    The glass Westergren tubes are washed, dried automatically after each use and there is no disposable, resulting in very low running cost, thereby contributing to a cleaner environment with  no dedicated plastic or glass disposal involved.

 3.    There is no need to use expensive citrated blood tubes and hence lower running cost and inconvenience.

 4.    The system accepts most makes of closed blood collection tubes which offers convenience and safety for the operator.

 5.    Sample identification is either via key board or bar code reader, and the results are printed out exactly one hour later or after 30 minutes, as per the programme.

 6.     Analyser accepts citrated or EDTA blood samples thereby eliminating the need for separate blood collection tubes or additional collection step for the CBC, as, accurate citrate diluter systems is on board the analyser.

 7.    The device incorporates temperature correction by measuring actual ESR and calculating the result, temperature corrected for   18 C

 8.    The instrument has ability to measure  and correct haziness above the red cell interface in an absolutely reproducible, and objective way, using a sophisticated optical reader, coupled with built in algorithms.

 9.    Machine incorporates a saline back flush for the blood sampling line, thereby eliminating cross contamination and avoid compromise in results.

 10.  All liquid waste is safely disposed and the entire system is protected with microbiological filters ensuring operator and environmental  safety.

 11.a.   Accurate, full automated citrate diluting system is on board the analyser, enablingusage of EDTA anti 
           coagulated blood samples, used for CBCs and hence no additional cost and labour towards sampling
            is needed,
and hence cuts down the running cost significantly over a period.

b . The system also offers the benefit of accepting EDTA blood , that is very stable and can be used upto
     24 hours after veni puncture, rather than as recommended four hours for the citrated blood ! This offers
     great convenience,  including centralised  processing, after collection and transportation.

 12.  Involves minimum maintenance and mostly automated.

 13.  Minimum amount of low cost reagents is used and no disposable tubes are involved and thereby operational
       cost is ut down  drastically.

 14. Truly “walk-away” automation.

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