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Automated ESR StaRRsed series at a glance

S. no.


StaRRsed Compact

StaRRsed III

Auto Compact



Type of sample tube

Closed or open tube

 Closed tube

Closed tube


Whole blood sample volume required






Throughput per hour normalised for half an hour mode

Continuous throughput is 135 samples in a total of 50 minutes in half an hour mode

180 samples per hour, in half an hour mode

135 samples per hour, in  half an hour mode



Number of precision bore, Westergren glass tubes on board





Loading mode



Disc loading, 30 sample tubes at a time

Direct loading of blood cell counter racks


Operator involvement time

Operator time of around 20 minutes for 80 samples needed.

30 samples in less than 10 minutes, to load a disc.

Less than one  minute of operator time, for loading 80 samples in eight racks.


Recommended for workload (per day)


100 to 150 samples

150 to 200samples

200 to 300 samples


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