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Wheecon was started about 17 years ago, with the motto, SERVE to SELL and SELL to SERVE.

Wheecon have senior staff with experience in handling blood bank related equipment for over 26 years. Our idea is to offer blood bank products with best features, adapted to suit local conditions, at an affordable price. This philosophy is reflected in every product we manufacture.

The instruments are conceived and designed by people with vast experience in the line, and, in blood banks, "Experience Counts" !

We owe our sincere thanks to the renowned haematologist in the country, who impressed on Indian companies like Wheecon, to start local manufacture of products involving simple technology rather than import them. He further added, this would enable labs to invest on high technology products. Thus the first "ThromboGuard", platelet rotator came into being, about five years ago, due to unstinted effort and single minded devotion of a senior Wheecon member. The first few pieces were "home made" and every part "hand-made" like in Rolls Royce !!

We can take some satisfaction with the fact that over the years, we have reached a stage to offer the most comprehensive range of Wheecon manufactured products for blood bank - HaemoGuard (Blood Bank Refrigerator), PlasmaGuard (Plasma freezer), ThromboGuard (Platelet agitator/Incubator), FastTherm (Thawing Bath), CyroQuick (Cryobath), Arctic ErythroGuard (Red cell freezer), HaemoCollect (Blood Shaker Weight Monitor) and the most recent "PlasPress" (Plasma expressor with red cell sensor). The range is rounded off with the introduction of blood bank software, and we call it "HaemoSoft".
Our objective is to provide reliable high quality instrumentation at an affordable price level.

  • Red cell freezer (-70C)
  • Arctic ErythroGuard
  • Blood bank refrigerator
  • HaemoGuard
  • Thawing bath
  • FastTherm
  • Cryobath
  • CryoQuick
  • Platelet agitator / incubator
  • ThromboGuard
  • Plasma freezer
  • PlasmaGuard
  • Blood shaker weight monitor
  • HaemoCollect
  • Plasma expressor
  • PlasPress
  • Blood bank software
  • HaemoSoft


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