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This sitemap is written in a narrative form for ease of use.
The Home page is the gateway to Wheecon Instrument Private Limited.,'s website. Home page, enables you to view the required information about our organisation, the products we handle, the principles we represent and contact page to get in touch with us.

About us section elaborates you about Wheecon Instruments Private Limited. This section speaks about organisation background, strengths,its commitment towards customer service and Wheecon's Values and Beliefs.

Products have been grouped under two major divisions
  • our principle's products that "we sell and support"
  • our own products that "we manufacture and support"

    Under products 'we sell and support' division we handle
  • MAXMAT S.A., France
  • Automated three in one analyser
  • Automated clinical analyser
  • Automated ELISA system
  • Automated coagulation analyser
  • Integrated solution
  • Chrono-log corporation, USA
  • Optical Aggregometers
  • Whole blood Aggregometers
  • Whole blood platelet lumi Aggregometers
  • Bed side Aggregometer
  • Luminometer, continuous flow type
  • SPA 2000, system for platelet shape change and hypotonic
        Shock Response Assay
  • CHRONO-PAR range of products
    To know more about capabilities in each case:
  • Whole Blood
  • Lumi Whole Blood
  • iCa Lumi Whole Blood

  • gonotec GmbH, Germany

  • Osmomat 030, Automatic cryoscopic osmometer
  • Osmomat 050, Automatic colloid osmometer
  • Osmomat 010, Cryoscopic osmometer
  • Osmomat 070, Vapour pressure osmometer
  • Osmomat 090, Membrane osmometer

  • Anthos Labtec Instruments, Austria

  • 2010 Automated Microplate Reader
  • 2020 Automated Microplate Reader
  • Zenyth 340 Microplate Absorbance Reader
  • Zenyth 200 Microplate Spectrophotometer
  • Lucy 2 Microplate Luminometer
  • Lucy 3 Microplate Luminometer

  • Streck, USA
  • ESR Auto Plus
  • ESR-100 Automated Analyser
  • Calibrators & Controls
  • Product Selection Guide     

  • Mechatronics Instruments BV, The Netherlands
  •  Practical problems with manual ESR
  • Merits of totally automated ESR systems
  •  ICSH recommendation for ESR
  •  Major features of the Mechatronics ESR
  •  Uniqueness of Mechatronics ESR
  • Various models, to suit every lab
  • Automated ESR, StarRRsed series at a glance
  • Various models, to suit every lab

  • Techno Medica Co. Ltd, Japan
  • The innovator
  • Choice of "THE MODEL"
  • Unique features 
  • User Convenience 
  • Reliability & Economy
  • Practical design
  • Stax-3 Automated ISE analyser
  • The team you can trust

  • Under products "we manufacture and support" division we have.
    Red cell freezer (-70C)
  • Arctic ErythroGuard
  • Blood bank refrigerator
  • HaemoGuard
  • Thawing bath
  • FastTherm
  • Cryobath
  • CryoQuick
  • Platelet agitator / incubator
  • ThromboGuard
  • Plasma freezer
  • PlasmaGuard
  • Blood shaker weight monitor
  • HaemoCollect
  • Plasma expressor
  • PlasPress
  • Blood bank software
  • HaemoSoft

  • Association section lists all the principles we represent. Click on the principle's logo to view about the principle and the products.

    Contact section lists Wheecon's head-office located at Chennai and Mumbai and Delhi branch addresses. The telephone and fax numbers have been listed for your immediate access. Mail Ids have been provided for faster communication.

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