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     Techno Medica Co., Ltd, Japan




Techno Medica Co. Ltd., Japan.is a company with a standing of 21 years in manufacturing of invitro
diagnostic products like blood gas analyser and other laboratory automation systems. Blood gas analyser
and ISE systems are one of their main business interests and not an insignificant part of their major activity. 
Quality of the products has been well accepted around the world as proven by 3000 units installed worldwide.

   GASTAT - 600 series is the FIFTH generation blood gas system from Techno Medica, with the 
    current generation well established and stabilised product line for over five years.


                       Blood gas analyser                                              ISE analyser

  • The Innovator
  • Reliability & Economy
  • Choice of "THE MODEL"
  • Practical design
  • Unique features 
  • Stax-3 Automated ISE analyser
  • User Convenience 
  • The team you can trust
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