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The Innovator

Techno Medica may be relatively new to the Indian market, but they have a great tradition in blood gas systems, as is evident from:

Pioneer of liquid calibration system as Techno Medica was the first in the world to introduce in 1992 “ no gas calibration” blood gas device.

GASTAT - 600 is their fifth generation equipment in 21 years with proven  performance.

Guarantee of quality with TUV certification.

First system in the world with “all liquid cal” and running with just two  reagent packs on board, least
    amongst comparable blood gas systems.

Traditional blood gas results with POC (Point of care) convenience – only such blood gas in the market
    as of now.

Very high precision amongst similar, all liquid calibration blood gas systems, compared to traditional systems.

 pH:                      PCO2:                            PO2:                 iCa :
       R = 0.99              R= 0.99                        R = 0.99          R = 0.96

Na:                       K:                                 Glucose             Lactate:
      R = 0.97               R= 0.99                        R = 0.99          R = 0.97

where n = 49 measurements.

The first blood gas with on board battery, for protection against power failure, a very thoughtful and a
    MUST feature.

At this point, the only blood gas incorporating all these features: full colour touch screen with animation, 
    standard bar code reader for tracking and monitors patient i.d and special reagent save mode, only two
    reagent packs
 (apart from waste container), all liquid calibration zero  maintenance electrodes.

The only system that displays and prints acid base balance for last three tests and also shows 
    data transition for last 90 days, helpful in patient monitoring

GASTAT versions have built-in PC functionality for intercommunication  without PC with control blood gas  
    unit can monitor status of terminal units!!

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