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Features of GASTAT 600 Series Blood Gas Systems

User Convenience:

1. Colour touch LCD screen with navigation.

 User guidance and very easy to operate due to animation screen.

 2. No gas and automatic all liquid based calibration.

No need to handle/depend on expensive gas cylinders, great convenience in usage and maintenance.

3. Automatic sample aspiration from syringe or capillary.

This is a hands free system and eliminates infection risk, completely 

 4. All models are equipped as standard with bar code reader, which through its sophisticated functionality, 
    automatically monitors consumables and reagents for  replacement.

Greater assistance and practical use to operators, and avoids unnecessary repeats or
    compromised results.

 5. Most GASTAT versions have built-in P.C functionality permitting  intercommunication without using an
    actual PC and with control unit can monitor  the status of the terminal blood gas units.

Permits easy monitoring of the other units and also gives alarm for the specific parameter 
    which is not active, due to calibration failure.

 6.  GASTAT 600 series (except 600) incorporate complete software enhanced by Windows CE and with 
     LIS /MIS connectivity.

  Permits easy upgradation of software and offers highest level of flexibility for day to  day operation,
     as well as interfacing and data transfer – thanks to Windows Platform!


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