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Features of GASTAT 600 Series Blood Gas Systems


1.  Very elaborate self diagnostic features including temperature control flow status, electronic circuit, 
     magnetic valve and almost every aspect, which can compromise with results.

 Total confidence in reporting results, and helps operators in easy trouble shooting and minimise

2.  Special design sample needle with aspiration hole on the side and not at the tip.

Avoids risk of clot going inside the system – reducing downtime and increased reliability.

3. The company has over 21 years of experience in same product line with over 3000 units installed and
    current GASTAT 600 is the fifth generation machine.

 Confidence in the product line and investment well protected as product is from well established 
    specialist  manufacturer.


1.  Zero maintenance electrodes and long shelf life electrodes.

  No need to change membrane or fill electrolytes, offering great convenience in operation and
    lower maintenance cost.

 2. Just two reagent packs on board, and long shelf life electrodes.

 Very low operational cost due to low maintenance cost, and running cost.

 3. The realistic lowest running cost per reportable sample, amongst comparable blood gas systems – both
     gas / liquid or all liquid calibration based systems.

  At optimum workload, return on the investment is THE FASTEST.

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