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Features of GASTAT 600 Series Blood Gas Systems

Practical design:

1.  Sample path visibility and entire fluid path under blue transparent body.

 Clots and bubbles become apparent for removal and ensure integrity of results.
     Total fluid path visibility helps in easy trouble shooting and less down time.

2.  Automatic (pre-scheduled) de-protenise / cleaning and automatic reminder in advance
     (5 or 10 days before  due) for consumable replacement.

 Minimal downtime and maximises efficient performance of the system.

3.  Built in battery for power failure protection. System can function for one hour and carry out analysis
     of at least 10 samples during power interruption.

  On-board protection against power failure – a very important aspect for critical test like blood gas.

4.  The calibration cassette can be stored at room temperature.

 Offers great convenience and no need to stock in refrigerator and take additional storage precaution.

 5.  No need to defer analysis for 60 or 90 minutes each time maintenance is carried out, or 
     during start up
20 minutes!

 GASTAT 600 series does not interfere with workflow due to extended intervention during maintenance
     time, start-up time as with most other systems.

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