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 Automated ISE analyser




STAX-3 is the world’s fastest electrolyte analyzer for measurement of Na, K and Cl.
 Large full colour touch panel display for easy operator guidance
System can measure up to 120 samples per hour in auto sampler mode, offering very quick 
    turn around time.
 In stat mode, the analysis is completed within 34 seconds. 
 The turn table is a standard accessory and also the built-in thermal printer
 System is with programmable automatic calibration, and permits re measurement of the
    erroneous  samples, automatically
 STAX-3 accepts sample from most common containers like syringe, capillary tube, sample cup or test tube.
 Features on-board quality control with graphic function and displays statistical data.
 STAX-3 incorporates all new design liquid path, involving even lower reagent volume.
 System has facility to store 500 test results.
 Low sample volume detection, and human detect sensor offer additional operator convenience.

Technical Specifications :

Sample type                              :  Whole blood, serum, plasma, diluted urine, dialysate

Sample volume                          :  110ml

Throughput                                :  120 samples per hour in turn tube mode 
                                                    34 seconds per sample in stat mode

Interface                                   :   RS 232C standard and bar code options

           Whole    Serum    Diluted   Dialysate
                       blood     plasma    urine

 Range of measurement :        Na :       80-200    80-200    2-300    130-150
( mmol / L)                             K   :      1–10       1–10        2-150    1-3 
Cl  :      50-200     50-200    2-300    90-120

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