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ErythroGuard (Arctic) - Ultra low temperature cabinets

Arctic, Ultra Low Temperature Cabinet
Ultra low temperature freezers
  • All refrigerant used are non CFC, non HCFC, non flammable and commercially
        easily available.
  • Temperature range: -40C to -70C and models available in chest and upright
        versions with capacities 105 to 510 litres.
  • Electronic temperature control system, tested and with a track record of 15
  • High quality components and parts chosen for reliable performance.
  • CO2 back-up and recorder options are available for assured product safety.
  • Cooling coils positioned under each chamber (applicable for upright versions)
        for unsurpassed and optimum performance under different working conditions.
  • Special door design to ensure minimum temperature exchange and ice build up.
  • Castors for easy mobility and convenience.
  • Modular approach for easy access and trouble shooting.

    Every aspect of the design takes into consideration high quality and minimum temperature exchange at every stage. This results in excellent performance, absolute preservation of precious samples, long term reliability and all these with no extra power.

    Strategic positioning of cooling coil under every chamber results in
  • Quicker recovery of the temperature after the sample is placed or removed
        with no extra load on the compressor assuring longer life.
  • Minimal temperature gradient across the chamber, with all samples almost
        maintained at the same temperature level.
  • Virtually each compartment functions as individual cooling source, for excellent
        sample preservation, under ideal environment.
  • Full cooling efficiency and transfer of temperature to the sample without losses
        or elaborate insulation process, for enhanced reliability.

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