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FastTherm - Thawing bath

"FastTherm" Thawing thermostatic bath for effective and efficient thawing and warming of blood and blood components, quickly and safely.


  • Circulating thermostat using powerful motor ensuring good water circulation.
  • Control of the temperature in the bath, well within 0.1C, thanks to the
        powerful pump employed.
  • 2KW SS heater, for rapid heating of the water to 37C, for quick thawing.
  • Time tested, proportionally integrating type of electronic circuit employed for
        precise and accurate control of temperature.
  • All parts coming in contact with water, are of stainless steel.
  • Extensive safety features for machine and product safety.
    • Over temperature cut out, disconnects mains power to heater, if the temperature goes beyond 40C
    • Low level water sensor, to protect heater from burn out.
    • Over temperature or low water level, audio visual indication, in the case of over temperature or low water level.
    • Audio visual alarm and timer, to alert operator to indicate end of thawing cycle!

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