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HaemoGuard - Blood bank refrigerator

HaemoGuard, Blood Bank Refrigerator
HaemoGuard from Wheecon offers you the following major features:
  • Forced air circulation for uniform temperature distribution accross the cabinet
        and for maintenance of the blood bags within the set temperature limits.
  • Electronic temperature control device to ensure reliable temperature control
        and safe maintenance of your precious blood products.
  • Special extra care taken towards insulation and steps at every stage to
        minimise exchange of heat within the storage area, to ensure the safe storage.
  • The compact 7 day chart recorder is one of its kind in size and performance in
        the industry - to record the temperature of the cabinet, day in and day out,
  • The alarms, audio and visual are provided when temperature exceeds set
        limits, power failure, temperature sensor failure, door ajar and battery
        low conditions.
  • LED indicators for easy visual inspection for conditions like "power on", and
        "comperssor on".
  • System is provided with castors for easy movement when required.

  • Every material and component which has gone into construction of the cabinet is carefully chosen, to ensure the best performance, with convenience in operation and maintenance of the system.

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