Chrono-log Corporation, USA


591 Single channel and 592 dual channel are impedance platelet aggregometers with washable reusable electrodes and on-board software while 591A/592A require the use of disposable electrodes. The systems are ideal for POC and bed side usage and routine screening applications.

591 Single Channel Impedance

592 Dual Channel Impedance


700-2 and  490 4+ are two and four channel aggregometers respectively and are based on the classic Born’s optical method of platelet aggregation measurement. 490 4+ is upgradable to an eight channel version – 490 4 ++, and 700-2 into a top end four channel 700-4 optical only model.

700-2 Two Channel Optical

700-4 Four Channel Optical

490 4+ Four Channel Optical

490 4 + + Eight Channel Optical


 700-2, a two channel and 700-4, a four channel  platelet aggregometers are based on classic Born’s optical method of platelet aggregation measurement.  700-2 and 700-4 Optical plus Whole blood, the two and four channel special combo units respectively, are unique in the industry offering the best of optical the reference method and also the impedance method. The inherent technical merits and convenience with the combination offer the best of both methods on the same platform.

700-2 Two Channel Whole Blood & Optical

700-4 Four Channel Whole Blood & Optical


700-2 and 700-4, The industry top of the line aggregometers in two and four channel versions respectively, combine all the three measuring principles – Born’s optical, impedance and chemiluminescence in a compact unit. An ideal diagnostic tool for referral centres and research facilities alike. The two channel version can be expanded to the four channel version to grow with lab needs.

700-2 Two Channel Whole Blood, Optical & Luminescene

700-4 Four Channel Whole Blood, Optical & Luminescene