HC- 3D THE latest generation freely programmable, microcontroller based blood collection/mixing device is
designed to meet the critical need of precise collection and safe mixing, during blood collection process incorporates three dimensional motion for thorough mixing and the first time in its category incorporates three dimensional motion for thorough mixing and free from microclots during mixing with anticoagulants. System provides collection history data, covering sl. no, date, bar code (if equipped) data start and end time, volume collected, break period, if any, number of interruptions during collection where applicable, complete with on-boardstorage of collection history.


Designed and produced by Wheecon, the company with the longest experience in the industry and exposure to blood banking machines of international standard. The system can be equipped optionally with bar code reader for complete tracking of collection process and data
transfer to PC through RS232 interface. The critical step in blood processing chain, demands perfect collection each time, which is ensured by selecting the most reliable components, that go into making of the system like reliable clamping motor, shaking motor and transducer and so on.

The fourth generation blood collection / mixing device from Wheecon is available with a choice of two models, one for stationary in-house and the other for in-house and mobile use, during camps and now with three dimension mixing feature. Live display of collection volume at the end of each cycle of collection and the best way for clear tracking and early detection of error if any, for intervention. Compact and yet built to stand the rigour of collection and handling during camps with reliable performance with the portable versions with battery back up is adequate for 40 blood collections in about four hours when fully charged.


1. Three dimensional motion of the bowl for perfect and thorough mixing of blood with anticoagulant.

2. High quality of platelets is assured day in and day out with “gentle” mixing combined with well controlled collection with seamless integration of design and final product. So we employ reliable induct motor for mixing, international quality transducer for measuring, and Japanese motor for clamping, for absolute reliability in performance with no compromise day in day out.

3. Automatic calibration process and automatic taring of blood bag, at start of collection process, and no manual step is involved with automation, in all critical and repetitive areas, for error free collection.

4. Collection volume is programmable in steps of 10ml, between 100 and 600 ml with a collection accuracy of ±1ml, over the entire range and the versatile system is ideally suited for paediatric, and routine collection for precise collection volume, over entire range, over a long time!

5. Precise mixing angle, chosen after extensive studies, to ensure thorough mixing of blood with anticoagulant for optimal performance, irrespective of blood volume collected. Unique three dimensional motion with simple design with delicate mounting of collection container for excellent mixing and suitable for all types of blood bags, while avoiding damage to load cell, due to inadvertent handling.


Display: LCD two line

Collection volume range: 100 to 600 ml, in steps of 10ml

Maximum volume: 600ml (Collected blood)

Volume accuracy: + 1 ml

Weight accuracy: <1% of maximum weight

Taring range: 0 to 600 gm

Effective mixing cycles: Three dimensional motion of bowl

Data transmission of: With RS232 interface to computer collection history

Collection history memory: Maximum 40 donors

Preset low flow alarm: 40ml/ minute

Dimension (H x D x W)mm: (190 x 270 x 240)

Weight: 3.5 kg without battery

Mixing angle: Approx 30o

Power supply: 230V AC, 50 Hz

Power consumption: Maximum 25VA