Micro controller based cryo bath for quick and safe preparation of a HIGH YIELD cryoprecipitate for blood or plasma transfusion. CryoQuick system has been designed and manufactured after extensive discussion with blood bankers and offered by the blood banking company for the blood bankers.


The design takes into consideration several practical aspects to offer the end product, cryoprecipitate after effective and safe thawing of the plasma, and incorporates several features. The reliable temperature control device in conjunction with the powerful pump ensures the uniform circulation of water for maintenance of temperature, well within + 0.1°C, one of the most precise devices for the purpose. A very efficient 2KW tubular stainless steel heater assures rapid heating of the water to the required temperature level of 4°C, for quick and efficient thawing of the bags, frozen flat at -35°C, or -80°C, within a short span of time. Time tested proportionally integrated type of electronic circuit employed for precise and accurate control of the temperature, a very important aspect. All parts coming in contact with water are made of high-quality stainless steel without any compromise, for trouble-free operation and service for a long time.

Extensive safety features one would expect for preparing the precious blood product with high product safety:

– Over-temperature cut-off, with supply to the heater, switched off in case of over-temperature, and low water level alarm, for product protection.

-Audiovisual alarm and timer, to alert the operator and indicate the end of a cycle.

-Compact tabletop design and does not occupy space.


1. The most precise temperature-controlled cryo bath in the industry, in its category.

2. The only cryo bath in the market with individual timer, enabling independent processing of two batches of bags, during the same run.

3. Unique drain valve with tube for easy cleaning and maintenance and free from messy handling.

4. CryoQuick is the quick(est) bath answering the technical demand and requirements of busy blood banks.

5. Most elaborate safety features amongst similar units to ensure the best yield of cryoprecipitate and preservation of the precious product during the process.

6. One of its kind, easy to load/unload specially designed cassette for convenient handling of bags.

7. Factor VIII yield higher by 40% compared to the traditional method.

8. Tubular heater tucked away from main areas for operator and product safety.


Capacity: 8 plasma bags

Time for thaw at 4°C: Less than 90 minutes

Bath temperature: at +4°C

Temperature control at 4°C: ± 0.1°C

Temperature sensor: Pt 100

Temperature display: LED

Bath volume: approx.20 litres

Alarm (audible, visual): Over temperature, low water, end of cycle

Refrigeration: Air cooled compressor

Construction: SS interior and MS exterior

Heater capacity: 2 KVA

Dimension (LxWxH)mm: (440 x 385 x 250)

Power supply: 230V AC / 50 Hz