LabGuard range of freezers for -80°C is designed with the “best and innovative features” adapted to local conditions with the objective of product with lowest life cycle cost, energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and over all offering best scale of economy in acquiring, running and maintaining.

Designed specifically for safe short or long term storage of biomaterial for routine and research applications.
Conceived, designed and manufactured by a team of people with over 30 years of experience with high class low temperature and ultra low temperature cabinets


Wheecon’s pioneering design, by housing the cooling coil entirely within the chamber, for maintaining temperature constant and homogenous, and with power saving and extended compressor life.

Unique refrigeration system without involving auto or manual defrost for extremely energy efficient operation, day in and day out.

Efficient refrigeration, and quickest to reach set temperature and fastest even under full load condition at high ambient, best in performance in industry.

Fully cooling efficiency and transfer of temperature to the sample without losses or elaborate insulation process, for enhanced performance.

The system incorporates the latest in design and technology and conforms to CFC free refrigeration and
‘InTelliGently” managed with micro controller, for all major functions and alarms.


1. Quickest temperature recovery during loading and removal of sample.

2. Minimal temperature gradient top to bottom and front to back.

3. Every chamber functioning as an independent cooling source, and saving energy with extended life of compressor.

4. Most energy efficient design in its category in market.


Model: LGF 200

Capacity: 200 Litres. Other capacities available

Temperature range: -60 to -85°C at ambient 32°C

Temperature stability: ± 1.5°C

Temperature display alarms: LED

Temperature sensor: PT 100 Three-wire

Compressor: Heavy duty air-cooled, imported

Shelves: Three nos. stainless steel

Insulation: 15 cm thick PUF

Construction: Inner chamber, stainless steel, Outer chamber, powder coated mild steel

Castors: Imported, 3”dia with front locks


Internal (WxDxH)mm:(560x500x720)

External (WxDxH)mm:(860x965x1600)

Weight:200 Kg

Power supply: 230V/50Hz