LabGuard, literally means, lab (referring to biomaterial), and Guard (protection from danger) or protector of your precious products. Wheecon offer a comprehensive range of LabGuard products, including refrigerators, freezers, low and ultra low temperature freezers.


It is not yet another refrigerator for storage, but “The Product” designed for the routine and research users, by the company with over 15 years of manufacturing experience by the company, dealing with diagnostic and blood bank products, based on the inputs from the users. Standard sizes are for 200L, 340L and 500L capacity and other capacities with special capabilities can be offered.

LabGuard range of refrigerators provides safe environment for efficient long term and short term storage of precious biomaterial. The compact counter top space saving design incorporates integrated temperature monitoring system with live display of temperature with extensive safety features. Coated wheel castors
with locking arrangement for front wheel for easy movement.

The system incorporates the latest in design and technology and conforms to CFC free refrigeration. The system is ‘InTelligently” managed with micro controller, for all major functions and alarms.


1. Fans switched off when door open to minimise temperature exchange.

2. Provides near perfect storage conditions for precious material for maximum viability.

3. Time tested (over 20 years) electronic proportional integrator for reliable and accurate temperature control to ensure temperature stability within ± 0.1°C of set temperature.

4. Special two layered tempered glass door with air and inert gas filling for excellent insulation and visual inspection.

5. Battery backed controller for display of temperature and alarm conditions, even in case of power failure.

6. Key lock provided for preventing unauthorised handling.

7. Long strip type handle integral with main door for great convenience while opening and closing for different operators.

8. Temperature adjustable between 2 and 8°C and factory preset at 4°C and controlled to within ± 1°C.

9. Compact imported circular seven day chart recorder, optional, using ordinary chart paper for economy and temperature status.

10. Temperature probe immersed in a separate reference fluid to mimic storage material, and provide better temperature control.

11. 1Alarm for high and low temperature, low battery and provision for remote alarm contacts with protection against over temperature.

12. Forced air circulation with two fans for uniform temperature in chamber.

13. Unique balanced flow refrigeration design is frost free and does not need defrost cycles periodically during which cycles chamber temperature increases significantly.


Model: LGR 340

Capacity: 340 litres

Temperature: 2 and 8°C at an ambient of 32°C

Temperature control: Within ± 1°C

Housing: Interior stainless steel and mild steel exterior with special paint.

Door: Insulated metal special tempered, two layered insulated glass.

Refrigeration: Unique refrigeration mechanism with no auto defrost.

Alarm (audio/visual): High and low temperature, power fail, battery low, door ajar, condenser efficiency.

Power: 160 to 270V, 50 Hz, Single phase

Dimension mm (WxDxH): (770 x 650 x 800)

Weight: 120 kg