LABiTec, Germany


Labor Fibrintimer, manufacturer of coagulation analysers, is now called LABiTec, Germany, one of the premier semi automated and automated coagulation analyser manufacturers of international repute. Labor (now LABiTec) was making the “ever green” semi automated coagulation systems for the then Behring /Hoechest, Germany for a number of years. Even today semi automated coagulation analyser is made by LABiTec on OEM. Apart from this, they were also manufacturing the most famous automated systems for Organon Technica called MDA II with the unique and path breaking “waveform analysis” of the coagulation process.

It is not just yet another coagulation analyser manufacturer, but a specialised company, and many in the industry are aware of and long term users of the products, but known by a different name! They are in fact one of the leading manufacturers, with an enviable track record of 25 years for reliable semi automated and automated coagulation systems, with several unique features, and patents to speak for their product line.

It is not an exaggeration that LABiTec were or are on OEM for several leading manufacturers in the field of coagulation for semi automated or automated coagulation system for several years, at one time or the other, in their long history.


CoaLAB 1000

CoaDATA 2004

CoaDATA 4004

CoaDATA 504

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