Macherey-Nagel GmbH & Co.KG, Germany


Macherey-Nagel founded in 1911 stands for high quality innovation and reliability in biomolecular and chemical analysis, with roots in the filter papers, graduated to lab test papers, and since the 1950’s in the specialised filter papers product line and as a natural extension to the urine strip. They have close to 60 years of experience in the urine analysis product line, with the continuous development in the chemistry aspect of the test strips. Macherey-Nagel in fact are one of the very few manufacturers in the international market to offer urine strips with CE certificate for both professional and also for patient self testing.

The globally operating company with a stable growth includes in its portfolio products for filtration, rapid test, water analysis, chromatography and bioanalysis and more than 20,000 products. They have close to 500 qualified experienced employees for ensuring best support to the customers. Their products are regarded very reliable and underlining the characteristics reliable analysis, reproducible results.

Macherey rapid test for quick and easy analysis range from basic pH papers to medical diagnostic test strips for urine analysis which are easy to handle with short response time, reliable and comparable results, low cost and safe method for on site and laboratory analysis.

Macherey private labeled products are successfully marketed worldwide. Their service includes private label of existing products as well as development of tailor made product solutions.

They have branches in several countries and operate through distribution net work in more than 150 countries for easy access to their products and services. They are in fact market leaders in several discerning markets in Europe.