Streck, USA


Streck offer a comprehensive range of products for clinical and research laboratories ranging from cell stabilisation to haematology controls, sed-rate machine, collection tubes and molecular diagnostics. Streck customers get the best benefit from a free laboratory quality control programme “STATS”. Streck control products aid in monitoring and enhances the performance limits of the machines and confidence to comply with regulatory and accredition demands.

Streck is one of the best reputed in the world as an innovator of haematology control products. It is possible that the control(s) you have been using is manufactured by Streck and sold in a different name since Streck holds 70% of the world market for haematology controls through direct sales, private label and patent licences. So from that angle, Streck has a reputation as “the control company”.

Streck has been a leading developer and manufacturer of the control products for clinical laboratory just one year shy of fifty years. Streck developed some of the first haematology reference controls and have more than 40 patents to their credit for clinical laboratory control products. Streck continues to invest a significant portion of its resources of R&D, to meet the emerging needs of clinical laboratories in the area of quality control. Streck quality management system has compliance with FDA quality system regulation. Streck manufactures over 30 products, that have been developed to be compliant with 98/79 EC, which is the European Union’s In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices Directive.


Products from Streck have the following inherent characteristics.

{i} Virtually mimic the patient samples and its matrix form

{ii} Best stability and close similarity to samples help the users identify the problem if any, very early, and easily and narrow it down to process, and or instrument

The basic philosophy and underlying features of Streck product line are:

You don’t have to buy only the available control, because only that is available!

The range to suit “the lab need” to choose from

Controls, an integral part of good lab practice, need not be the privilege of a select few labs, because of the high cost.

Controls, available at an affordable cost

The product line is not confined to one area of quality control, but the full spectrum.

Streck offer not only trilevel controls but also calibrators, linearity and calibration verification assessment possibilities

Why choose products from Streck, USA:

“THE MANUFACTURER” offering the most comprehensive and complete range of haematology controls and calibrators in the market.

(a) Streck have a track record of 49 years experience in the industry with controls – their experience is to your advantage

(b) Forty patents should speak volumes about the originality, and uniqueness of the products – which you can trust totally

(c) The very fact, that 70% of the haematology controls used in the world are through a combination of STRECK label, private label and patent licenses, should be enough to establish the widest acceptance level as well. The chances are high, that you are already using one or more of Streck control(s), or their products in a different name

STRECK, “ The control company for haematology” with a track record.

(a) Haematology controls:

The company offers a dedicated range of calibrators and controls including reticulocytes, nucleated RBC’s and in spinal and body fluids for most of the reputed three-part and five-part differential haematology analysers. Streck also offers calibrators and linear verification and assessment materials for critical parameters like – RBC, WBC, Plt, Hb, Hct, Reticulocytes for three and five-part differential systems.

-The specific / dedicated calibrators and controls for specific model(s) and needs.

(b) ESR controls:

Dual level controls, based on human cells, to verify precision and accuracy of erythrocytes sedimentation rates, and assayed for Westergren method based systems. Long open and closed vial stabilities for reliable and economy of usage.

-One of its kind control, that mimics samples for confidence in reporting results

(c) Sickle-Chex:

The controls, positive and negative to check presence of Hemaglobin S.

-Relatively long closed and open vial stability, for economy and convenience

(d) Flow Cytometery:

Yet another unique and patented low level controls for positive cells for CD 34 and compatible with ISHAGE and Incount grating strategies.

-Not just a routine control, but very useful also as a “complete process check control”

(e) Controls for immunophenotyping:

Ideally suited Controls for monitoring immunophenotyping and assayed for normal levels of CD34+ (CD Chek) and CD 4 ( CD Check plus) absolute number and compatible with most of the popular flow cytometer systems

-Determines the accuracy and precision of all steps during the process of immunophenotyping, including red blood cell lysis.

(f) Control for glucose, haemoglobin:

Aqueous control for glucosemeters, reagent strips; dedicated whole blood control to evaluate accuracy and precision of Glucose or Hb photometer with three significant levels.

(g) Linearity check material:

Whole blood, patented product to verify performance with the linearity range of most popular glucose meters.

-Total control over the glucometers or Hb meters for performance and or linearity.

(h)A1 c Cellular Control:

HbA1 c Control, unique and well suited for HPLCs and immunoassay methods. A1 c Cellular control is liquid stable, and ready to use with an open vial stability of 30 days.

-Product of the decade, unique (cellular) and only control that checks entire procedure including lysing of the red cells

List of product range at a glance:

(i) Calibrator, controls and linearity assessment products for 3 and 5 part cell counters including reticulocyte including for process

(ii) Cell stabilizing reagents for plasma DNA, cell preservation of CD markers

(iii) Controls for CD25, CD 30, CD34, CD38, CD56, CD71, CD103, CD138, CD187 for flow cytometer

(iv) Controls for ESR manual and automated methods (iv) Solubility test and Controls for Streck cells

(v) Controls for manual sperm counts, controls for lomellar body cells

(vi) Controls urine chemistry positive and negative and cellular

(vii) Collection tube for preservation and stabilization of cell-free RNA in plasma

(viii) Liquid cell preservative, cell stabilization reagents for immunophenotyping

(ix) Thermometer the unit, for accurate monitoring by laboratory temperature, NIST and DKD traceable. Envirosafe for refrigerator, incubator and room temperature and freezer. Red spirit for Refrigerator, freezer, incubator, room temperature, ultra low-temperature freezer.