TemPTrak, Electronic event tracker and paperless recorder is a totally in-house developed, micro controller based hardware with sophisticated software based event recorder with high resolution, for all temperature recording activities, on a continual basis with full audit trail.


TemPTrak, Electronic event tracker and paperless recorder is a totally in-house developed, micro controller based hardware with sophisticated software based event recorder with high resolution, for all temperature recording activities, on a continual basis with full audit trail.

Suitable for all critical applications involving temperature tracking in refrigerator, platelet incubator, plasma and red cell freezers, in line with regulations requirements in case of blood banks or applications involving storage of precious material in pharmaceutical, clinical research, biotech, healthcare or any field where compliance requirements are to be met, or wherever continuous event tracking is critical for the “mission”.

Many research labs and blood banks, for temperature recording, have been using mechanical seven day circular chart recorder for ages now. It is often
overlooked that recorder is an apology for the real tracking of “actual temperature”, or “actual variations in temperature”, or “actual time duration of violation of alarm conditions”, primarily due to poor resolution and basic limitation imposed by design.

Majority of seven day circular chart recorders are with a radius of 6 cm, with the movement of pen over a circumference of 37.7 cm over a period of seven days
translating into one cm accounting for 265 minutes, or almost 25 minutes corresponding to one mm pen movement on the chart! So conventional seven day chart recorder does not serve any purpose say when the temperature alarm limit is ± 2oC at the set temperature of 4oC, or 22oC, under typical storage conditions, in relation to the resolution. There is no indication for significant temperature deviations occurred,or time duration of alarm(s) due to poor resolution and absence of storage possibilities.

Wheecon team found a way around to solve these limitations, in the most elegant manner by seamlessly integrating a dedicated microcontroller for data
acquisition over small time interval, and touch screen for easy user interface and data input, presentation and storage. The final output is a resultant of the processed temperature and time data acquired, and presented graphically in conventional circular chart or bar graph or linear form or as chart table, using
special allgorithms.

Software provides facilities for presenting at a glance, day, time, actual temperature and violations or distilled information on alarm conditions alone. The
data is stored on-board for easy retrieval and review on user selectable format and time scale – hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. The data as being acquired is stored on-board offering total back-up as the first level security and can be transferred for long term storage in pen drive or SD card and with option to export data to LIMS through wire or wireless network.


1. TemPTrak Electronic Event Recorder replaces all other devices with poor resolution, inaccurate information used for temperature monitoring and or recording, be it temperature loggers or mechanical weekly chart recorders and so on. In these cases the overall performance is found wanting and of lower relevance to the set temperature and alarm conditions.

2. TemPTrak is a touch screen based complete event recorder with the highest resolution, with temperature sampling every six seconds for highest level of accuracy and precision for reliable tracking of temperature of precious sample.

3. TemPTrak system offers password protection settings, alarm condition with possibility to review, analyse and diagnose all events of critical storage condition, for worry free storage of precious biomaterial with high level of security and no guesswork.

4. TemPTrak captures all temperature recording events and activities on a virtually continual basis (every six seconds) and final data available with full audit trail with ability for display on built in screen or data transfer to PC for display, or storage and transfer through pen drive, or export in excel format if preferred, and or for print out for hard copy and record keeping.

5. TemPTrak system offers choice of data collection interval and presentation of processed and stored information on hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly for review and adapt to every requirement, for routine and critical research applications.

6. TemPTrak offers product security with operator alert upto five levels in order of priority by SMS and on mobile phone for timely intervention, and operation security with password protection of set parameter.

7. TemPTrak in unison with the software and hardware captures on board, all relevant data and more importantly complete alarm conditions covering door openings, and operator alerts.

8. TemPTrak offers choice of presentation and format of the temperature time recording, as required to meet major compliant requirements and all routine needs. (i) circular chart (ii) bar graph (iii) linear (iv) time vs temperature
(v) complete alarm history with time.(vi) total temperature tracking with time. User can choose what is needed to suit any specific need and all routine and special applications.


Model: LGR 340

Capacity: 340 litres

Temperature: 2 and 8°C at an ambient of 32°C

Temperature control: Within ± 1°C

Housing: Interior stainless steel and mild steel exterior with special paint.

Door: Insulated metal special tempered, two layered insulated glass.

Refrigeration: Unique refrigeration mechanism with no auto defrost.

Alarm (audio/visual): High and low temperature, power fail, battery low, door ajar, condenser efficiency.

Power: 160 to 270V, 50 Hz, Single phase

Dimension mm (WxDxH): (770 x 650 x 800)

Weight: 120 kg


1. The input is RTD based or gas mechanism used in mechanical circular chart recorders, resulting in lower sensitivity and poor resolution.

2. Some recorders employ microprocessor, but render the system more complex and expensive with little user benefit, and in the event of problems, also expensive to repair.

3. Many recorder devices do not include the sensor and hence the precise matching of the sensor with the recording mechanism is not always guaranteed.

4. The recorders fail to provide any operator alert for alarm conditions, or assure integrity of process.

5. Chart recorders involve pressure or thermal sensitive special paper and pen to record and in some cases battery needing periodic replacement, compelling operator intervention and additional recurring cost.

6. Chart recorders are well suited for batch procedure when set process time is known, not meant for continuous monitoring of temperature.

7. Many systems use stepper motor for pen and chart movement, which if not well synchronised with sensitivity of the entire measuring mechanism, can result in reduced sensitivity.

8. The data from the circular recorders involve interpolation of trace values, alongwith it, the inherent errors in analog data used for analysis.

9. The chart size is invariably bigger, to compensate for the lack of sensitivity, and in the process it becomes unwieldy.

10. Chart diameter maximum, width of pen trace, speed of chart, resolution along the scale length, friction between working device and paper all contribute to the cumulative inaccuracy!