Tharmac Gmbh, Germany


It is not yet another cytocentrifuge, it is “THE CYTOCENTRIFUGE”. It is different in almost every aspect – design, convenience and versatility, compared to the other machines in the market.

Most versatile:

The machine apart from cyto applications can be used for other routine centrifugation work, with appropriate rotors and accessories and not restricted to use as a cytocentrifuge.


Cellspin® centrifuges combine fast and reliable results with exceptionally simple operation. Whether e.g. cytology, urology, microbiology, haematology virology or oncology – Cellspin® cytocentrifuges dissect every cell material and adopt to your individual requirements. Flexible and safe


A low- speed low-acceleration centrifuge used in separation of cellular material without damaging it. It is used to transfer any sedimentable particle primarily from biological fluids, from liquid suspension onto a microscopic slide, while preserving morphological details.


1. The only cytocentrifuge that grows with your laboratory requirements

2. Available as a 4-, 8- and 12-position cytocentrifuge

3. Rotors can be expanded at any time

4. Open and closed cytorotors for free or protected work

5. Can be used both as a cytocentrifuge and as a laboratory centrifuge

6. For human medical and veterinary diagnostics

7. Can be used in cytology, urology, microbiology, hematology, virology, oncology and much more.

8. Cellspin® works with the well-known monolayer filter cards

9.Suitable for volumes from 0.1 to 5 ml

10. Quickchange® for fast work with high sample volumes

11.Double cell tunnel to double the capacities with high sample volumes

Can be combined with Shandon™ Cytospin™
Quality – made in Germany


(i) Clinical medicine and biological research

(ii) Sedimentation of specimen like CSF, synovial fluid, urine, FNAC, lavage samples

(iii) Useful in concentrating scanty neoplastic cells, abnormal and normal cells, as CSF

(iv) In preparation of thin-layer cells and monolayer cells

(v) Ideal for applications in cytology, urology, microbiology, haematology, immuno haematology, virology and oncology


What is the maximum number of samples that can be processed during same run?

– It depends on the number of places in rotor 4 or 6 or 8 places and type of cell funnel, single or double selected. The maximum number of samples with a double cell funnel shall be 8, 16, or 24 samples with usage of rotor with 4, 8 or 12 places and 4, 8 or 12 with single funnel with same type rotor.

2(a) What are the various versions available?

– The Cellspin I can be configured with 4 or 8 or 12 place rotor with four different types of rotor (i) Quick change closed rotor (ii) Quick change removable rotor (iii) Easy removable closed rotor (iv) Easy removable rotor.

(b) What are the specific merits of each of the above rotor type?

(i) Quick change closed rotor: Protects operators against aerosol from infectious samples, during loading and unloading and can be sterilised and autoclaved.

(ii) Quick change removable rotor : A holding system, where a second rotor can be prepared outside of the centrifuge for quick exchange. Well suited to handle high workloads with optimised utility.

(iii)Easy removable closed rotor: Developed for use with Easy cell funnel for processing 24 samples with double cell funnel for example with a 12 place rotor.

(iv)Easy removable rotor, open type: Developed for use with Easy cell funnel, well suited to handle 24 samples with double cell funnel for example with a 12 place rotor.

3. What is the sample volume minimum and maximum that can be used with the centrifuge?

– (i) It is possible with ECO funnel to use sample volumes of upto 6ml.

(ii) Cell funnel is ideal for sample volume of upto 0.5ml.

4. What are the different types of cell funnel available?

Tharmac offer the following options:

(i) Cell funnel: Single funnel, available in disposable and reusable versions.

(ii) Double cell funnel: Two sedimentation fields ideal for immunocytochemistry, available in disposable and reusable formats.

(iii) Ecofunnel: Single funnel, well suited for large volume samples of about 6ml and available as disposable and reusable.

5. Can the system be used with rotor(s) other than those dedicated for cyto applications?

– Yes, the system offers flexibility to use other rotors like (i) swing out-type 6x50ml for urine sedimentation work (ii) swing-out type for 8x15ml test tubes for routine applications.

6. What are the various filter cards offered for use?

(i) Filter cards, brown for sample volume 0.4ml or less for use with disposable single cell funnel.

(ii) Filter cards, white for use with reusable in single cell funnel.

(iii) Filter cards, white for use with reusable double cell funnel.

7. Do you supply also glass slides?

– Yes, Tharmac also offer coated and uncoated glass slides, with one or two off-set circles to choose from.

8. Are stainless steel cell clips offered as standard?

– Yes, the stainless steel cell clips are supplied as standard with the machine, and also available as individual supply.

9. Do Tharmac supply accessories and consumables for other popular cyto centrifuges?

– Yes, Tharmac offer very economical solution for Shandon cyto centrifuge, with the supply of

(i) Tharmac TPX inexpensive alternative funnel for Shandon TPX.

(ii) Tharmac filter cards can be used with Thermo TPX funnels, a less expensive alternative.

(iii) Cell clip stainless steel, compatible with Thermo cyto.

(iv) TPX cell funnel, filter cards and cellclip stainless steel as a whole set as cost saving alternative.