THARMAC GmbH, Germany


Tharmac, Germany offer unique range of products, for clinical pathology – be it for collection of cells, cell transport, cell spinning or staining. We offer unique, and yet economical and more practical solutions and are “ELEGANTLY SIMPLE”!

Expertise and experience:

Tharmac the people behind the products with 30 years experience in cytology – products designed after talking to specialists in the field, and not the other way round and that is reflected in every aspect of the design. Need not buy what is available, and adapt to your needs, but can choose what is needed and best suited for user application.



Cellspin® I CytoCentrifuge

Cellspin® II CytoCentrifuge

Cellspin® III CytoCentrifuge


CellStain® – Linear automated stainers

CellStain® 6

CellStain® 15

CellStain® 23